We create your content. We tell your story.

selectEDworks creates brand-inspired content that can be leveraged across multiple platforms. 

We work with Hollywood screenwriters and storytellers to hone our client's message. Our cinematographers have shot for everyone from Google to Red Bull to Verizon Wireless. And, our producers have worked on everything from no budget commercials to films with $30+ million dollar budgets and world renowned movie stars.

In short, our team is experienced.

We use this experience - and craftsmanship - to create content in the form of viral and online videos, commercials, documentaries, short films, and movie trailers for your book, product or crowdfunding campaign as well as both short and long-form articles

There is no magic formula to our storytelling. And, there is certainly nothing proprietary about our creative process. It is simply hard work.  

We take pride in what we do. We love what we do. And, we make sure our clients love what we do for them.  



We break through commercial barriers, through the noise. 

Today’s technology has made ignoring traditional advertising easy. And who has ever clicked on a pop-up ad?  We combine elements of advertising and entertainment and provide the missing link - that special “something” that engages the consumer:  story.

Three goals guide everything we do: Engage. Entertain. Resonate. If you achieve the first two goals, the last one tends to take care of itself. So, we like to think of what we do, like this:


We work with you to make sure that the content of your story is indicative of the tone, experience and place in the market that your brand aspires to inhabit, all while creating a memorable experience for the viewer. A memorable experience that resonates with your target market, influencers, and the public and, in turn, builds your brand’s identity in the marketplace.

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One video. Many eyeballs. Many uses. 

One purpose: build your brand.  

85% of Americans are now online video viewers. Be available where your target audience interacts by leveraging the power of social media. We will help you harness the potential of the global marketplace. 



Ed (selectEDworks) created a promo video for an annual charity event organized by Psomas. He had the perfect instinct for the right tone, the right length, the right story. The result was a video that is tight and informative as well as playful and enticing. It’ll give a terrific impression in future years, showing potential participants and donors the fun and value of the event. To top it off, he was exceedingly pleasant to work with: intelligent, conscientious, and skilled, but also down-to-earth, accessible, and good-natured.
— Anna Black - Psomas, Corporate Communications
selectEDworks put together an awesome promo vid for our company Xtreme Adventures. The video looks great and has helped us increase our business & the entire staff and film crew was very professional and great to work with. Look forward to working with them again in the near future.
— Alex Lombrozo - Xtreme Adventures, Owner


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